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1st Annual Instrument Scholarship 2018

Logic-Flow Mission
Our mission is to create opportunities for artists on all levels to participate in the creative and recording process. Whether one is a professional, novice or just a beginniner our mission is to position ourselves for each level of the artist/musician. It is our goal to bring out the potential in every musician/artist and to share the joys of making sense of great music.  
2018 Scholarship 
We are currently looking for individuals or groups to record. If you or someone you know are interested in creating and recording music, and you have a unique sound, we want you!
Our first annual  new instrument give-away will be on National Music Day,  Thursday, June 21, 2018! Submit your application.
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Why Logic-Flow Records?
Logic-Flow Records is a new recording studio and is currently seeking to work with individuals who aspire to be musicians, performers, recording artists, song writers etc., who write and perform music. If you dream of standing behind the mic and hearing your original song come to life, then LFR is definitely looking for you. LFR is available for your recording, practice and rehearsal needs.  
  1. Recording Studio
    Recording Studio
    We are working on equipping ourselves with the latest recording software. Book 24/7 through the "Booksy" app: logic-flowrecords.booksy.net. You will be able to record your unique song and hear yourself on an actual record!
  2. Rehearse Your Group/Band
    Rehearse Your Group/Band
    We are currently working on fully equipping our studio with live instruments. You will be able to rehearse yourself or with a group/band with live sound. Musicians can also use the space to practice their instrument.
  3. Photography
    We can provide professional photography for your special event, including weddings, parties, events and special occasions. We also provide photography for your music. Photography is an added bonus to creating and promoting your image.